Zombie Models - Live The Immortal Dream!




We want to once again thank everybody who entered the
International Cheetham’s Zombies – Photo Cookie Model Search.
We hope with your support we can make this a yearly event.
If you didn’t win this year, you have time to get a great photo taken for next year.
If you are interested in receiving a Zombie Makeover, they are on sale for $13.13 Canadian until Halloween.

Send a clear high quality, head and shoulders photograph to zombiephotocookies@live.ca
Make sure the photo is a large, color photo. Please do not include special effects or makeup in the photo. We don’t do black & white photos or people wearing sunglasses. If you have prescription glasses on, that is fine.
If you entered our contest and did not win this time around, we are offering all entrants a Zombie Makeover for the reasonable price of $10.00 Canadian until Halloween.
You will receive your Zombie Makeover to use however you like. They make great profile pictures at Halloween, but you can also use them to order your own cookies for your Halloween events!
(All Zombie makeover purchasers will have their photo posted at our Zombies of The Brittle Harvest Site along, with their preferred name and the nearest city to their home).

Zombies of The Brittle Harvest

And Last But Not Least!

All of our winners will receive a Cheetham's Zombie Tshirt and a dozen Zombie Photo Cookies that I assure you, once seen in person, will blow your mind. Even their packaging is something to behold. You won't know whether to eat these dark and yummy works of art or keep them as souvenirs!

And now, to complete the list of Cheetham's Zombies - Photo Cookie models, our final 2009 Halloween cookie belongs to a singer/songwriter from Pennsylvania, please welcome:

The Tiffany Apan Zombie Cookie!

Winner #3!

Winner #3 is no stranger to our Zombie Loving Friends...

He is also a local boy from Winnipeg, the hometown of Myphotocookie.com and Cheetham's Zombies, so how could we say no to Will's slobbering, rotting mug?

The Kill Will Zombie Cookie!

Our Second Winner!

A lot depends on the photo sent to us in the International Cheetham's Zombies - Photo Cookie Model Search.

Many photos were too small, or too grainy, or black and white. We could not do much with them.
The best photos were (as specified in our contest posts) Head and shoulder shots of a high quality. Color photos without fancy effect or makeup. The bigger the photo, obviously the easier to work with and the better to manipulate. This could not have been more true when we received this photo...

Please say hello to our second winner from Vancouver, British Columbia...Christina!

The Chrissy OverKill Zombie Cookie!

Cheetham's Zombies - Photo Cookies have escaped from the bakery!

Myphotocookie.com and Cheetham’s Zombies are proud to announce the winners of our first
'International Cheetham’s Zombies – Photo Cookie Model Search' winners. The response was overwhelming, and we appreciate the interest from all of you.

We had so many entries in fact, that we decided to add a fourth winner!

Halloween is a holiday where people can become someone else and forget their day-to-day grind for an evening. We hoped to recapture that excitement with these cookies, and believe we did. With your support, this can become a yearly event, which means if you didn’t win this time, you have twelve months to get a great photo taken and enter again!

So, without further ado, and in no particular order—our first of four winners:

Zombie Clive hails from Louisiana and was last seen devouring several Keebler Elves!

The Zombies Are Stirring...

As the zombies come to life we must pause to thank all of you for your fantastic submissions...
A handful of zombies are now biding for the top 3 positions, they all look great, but only 3 can win in the end...will it be one of the four above?
Will it be you?
Only time will tell...
Three days until Cookie resurrection!

International Search For The Official
‘Cheetham’s Zombies – Photo Cookie Models of Halloween, 2009’

Brought to you by:

Cheetham’s Zombies

We are on the hunt for three models to become the official
‘Cheetham’s Zombies - Photo Cookie Models of Halloween, 2009’.

All we require from you to enter this contest is a head and shoulders photograph. It must be in colour, and of a high resolution. Please pose as a zombie might do. Do not send photos with fancy effects, colours, FX makeup, or sunglasses (regular prescription glasses are fine). Make sure you pose scary! We will do the rest…

Send your photos to:


Along with your photograph please include the following:

1). Your shipping address.

2). Your name, or the name you would like us to call your cookie in the event that you become one of the three Cheetham’s Zombies - Cookie Models of Halloween, 2009.



You will receive a Cheetham`s Zombies T-Shirt, a dozen delicious photo cookies with your personal zombie staring back at you from the icing, and of course
infamy of monster like proportions.

Your face will be the last thing people see at Halloween Parties, Zombie Walks, Haunted Houses, and Movie Premieres all over North America, before they bite into their zombie photo cookie! You will also be advertised as one of three Zombie Cookies offered to the general public to purchase during the month of October, and of course, during the
Halloween Holiday.

You will essentially become, one of three
‘Cheetham’s Zombies - Photo Cookie’
Oh and by the way…if you are one of the 300 or so zombies already completed in 2009, you are already entered, so sit back and cross your decomposing fingers.

This contest begins Sept 3rd, 2009 and will run until Sept 25th, 2009.

Winners will be announced Sept 30, 2009.

Zombie Love!
Cheetham`s Zombies